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Taha Al Aamri



An expert in kinesthetics and injury rehabilitation programs, chronic pain management & true corrective movement.

  • Powerlifting (Strength Training)

  • Bodybuilding

  • Flexibility/Mobility/Yoga

  • Core/Abs

  • Crossfit & HIIT

  • Running/Sprint

  • Calisthenics (Bodyweight)

Taha started his fitness journey at the age of 14 with calisthenics, gymnastics, Olympic sports such as sprints, long jump, shot putting, high jump, team sports like football, volleyball, etc. These activities ignited the passion for fitness and so pursued his destiny to specialize in sports specific coaching and improve athletic performance.

His mission perspective on injury prevention and sport specific performance led him to pursue his career on providing education and training in gyms whether commercial or national athletic training centers, and gained remarkable reputation with his expertise in the fitness industry.

He prepares his programs valuing efficiency, and safety. The focus is always on minimizing risks with an accurate evaluation, and a gradual progression among forms, consistency and intensity, enabling you to push yourself at the hardest level in a safe and conscientious way. He obtains the qualification and accreditation of the most prestige governing body of fitness standard, ICREPS, passing the highest standard from fitness certification tutor and higher level of being an assessor.

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