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Sherwin Hizon Jose



An educator,  innovator and entrepreneurial on health and fitness that focus on the growth of fitness professionals and the commercial part of health and fitness.


With over two decades expertise, Sherwin Jose has established himself as an elite fitness expert into an education expert and innovated many commercial fitness center's into much more in-depth scientific methodology through his affiliation with the Americans and European fitness association. He contextualized ‘Applied principle leads to  innovation of systems’. He incorporates prevention and cure through detailed exercise, nutrition and its endocrine response.


His objective is to standardize the profession with the proven scientific case-study thru ICREPS and its affiliate and global network and portability. He is determined to reach out those who are in need of such standardization. He has travelled all over Malaysia, Brunei, UAE, UK and Oman to spread his mission and vision. His achievements are from creating a brand of commercial fitness, gym management, US and UK affiliation of Fitness qualification tutor, assessor and Internal quality assurance. He is also former Founder of SSRC Academy in the UAE, founder of MEFA Oman, CEO of EF group of companies and former registrar of European registry of exercise professional Oman.

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