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Dr. Hep Rebellon

MASTER COACH Dr. Hep rebellon


Functional mobility and chronic pain management specialist.


Dr. Hep Buena Rebellon is a functional mobility and chronic pain management specialist whose work is focused on contextualizing the "exercise is medicine" concept to "movement as medicine". In the last twenty years he has proactively devoted his career in bridging the gap between the rehabilitation practice and commercial fitness setting - providing outpatients a place for quality "movement rehab continuum" outside the clinical walls.

His visionary perspective on movement rehab continuum from the clinics to the gyms has earned him global opportunities to practice what he preaches in the Philippines, Oman, Brunei, Malaysia, Qatar, USA and UAE; including roles in clinical and hospitality leisure management, physical education and exercise coaching.
His educational background includes a Doctorate degree in Osteopathy from the National University of Medical Sciences, Spain and B.S. in Physical Therapy from the
World Citi Colleges, Philippines.


He is a certified Kinetic Control Movement Therapist from Comera Movement Science, UK, a Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist and Dry Needling Practitioner from Primephysio UK. He also holds several fitness industry credentials from National Academy of Sports Medicine, Premier Training UK, Functional Movement Systems and Rehab Trainer Australia, alongside memberships in UAE and European Registry of Exercise Professionals.

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