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personal training

The Course

Fees: OMR 600

The Diploma in Personal Training certifies you to become a Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer to enable you to work in the health and fitness industry. The Diploma comes from PD:Approval UK, which is a well recognized awarding body in the UK and is portable to other countries. The Diploma will enable you to prescribe, plan and deliver safe and effective exercise programmes as well as be able to give nutritional advice that is centered around habit change for long lasting health. It will allow you entry onto the Exercise Registers Internationally that is recognized under ICREPS, such as UAE, Australia, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand, Poland and Philippines.

Guided learning hours of 275 hours to include atleast 54 practical hours


Unit 1 (D1 & A3): Conduct health screening and assess client exercise preferences, barriers and goals including special populations.


1. PAR-Q

2. Client interview

3. Health screening questionnaire

4. Client profile

5. Analyse and interpret client’s information

6. Practical observation of a fitness assessment

7. Special populations worksheet

GLH 15 hours

FTF 5 hours

Fit Couple
Fitness Guide

Unit 2 (D1 & B2) Carry out client fitness assessments and gym inductions

1. Client interview and initial assessments

2. Analyse assessment results

3. Practical observation of assessments

4. Practical observation of gym inductions

5. Fitness assessment worksheet

GLH 25 hours

FTF 1 hour

Unit 3 (A2 & D2) Apply principles of anatomy and physiology in a fitness context

Multiple choice question (MCQ) paper

GLH 30 hours

FTF 2 hours

Unit 4 (A5) Provide motivation and support as part of exercise instruction

Provide motivation and support worksheet

GLH 15 hours

FTF 5 hours

Unit 5 (D6) Support long term behavior change by monitoring client exercise adherence and applying motivational techniques

Support behavior change and adherence worksheet

GLH 15 hours

FTF 5 hours

Unit 6 (B1) Promote healthy eating and physical activity

Promote healthy eating worksheet

GLH 15 hours

FTF 5 hours

Unit 7 (D3) Apply the principles of nutrition and weight management to program design

1. Client nutritional assessment

2. Promote healthy eating worksheet

GLH 25 hours

FTF 1 hour

Unit 8 (A1) Promote health and safety in a fitness environment

Promote health and safety worksheet

GLH 15 hours

FTF 5 hours

Unit 9 (A4) Provide customer service in health and fitness

Covered in units 1 and 4

GLH 10 hours

FTF 5 hours

Unit 10 (A6) Develop professional practice and personal career in the health and fitness industry

1. Personal development plan (PDP)

2. Viva with assessor

3. Business plan

GLH 10 hours

FTF 5 hours

Unit 11 (B3, D4 & D5) Plan exercise training programmes

1. Personal training program cards checklist

2. 6-week plan

GLH 30 hours

FTF 2 hours

Unit 12 (D2) Apply the principles of exercise science to program design

Principles of exercise worksheet

2. Personal training programmes x3 (as per unit 2)

3. Multiple choice questions (MCQs)

GLH 20 hours

FTF 1 hour

Unit 13 (B3 & D5) Instruct, supervise and deliver training programmes

1. Practical observation

2. Reflective statement

3. Professional discussion

GLH 30 hours

FTF 2 hours

Unit 14 (D7) Manage, review, adapt and evaluate personal training programmes

6-week review

GLH 20 hours

FTF 1 hour

Sports Sweat

Student Journey

  1. Inquiry (online, office): One To One Meeting with the Academy Expert

  2. Filling in the Student Application Form

  3. Payment of the Fees (Easy Payment Plan Available)

  4. Submission of All Documents and Successfully Completing the Registration Process

  5. Receive User ID and Password via Email to Access Your Online Learning Platform with your Tutors.

  6. Attending Face-to-face Practical Sessions

  7. MCQ based Theory Assessment, Final Practical Assessment and Case Study Submission

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