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Gym Workout

The guidelines and stipulations detailed herein set the framework for any course conducted or facilitated by EF Academy.

"Contract" refers to these terms and conditions for the training course.
"Course" implies the training program as outlined on this website and procured by the learner.
"Learner" denotes the individual or entity that has acquired the Course as detailed on this website.

While we consistently strive to meet our Learners' needs, withdrawals or switches can cause disruption and potentially impact the financial feasibility of a Course. Hence, we only accept withdrawals if a written request is submitted a minimum of 15 days prior to the agreed Course date.

Replacement of Learners can be done for free provided the stand-in fulfills the prerequisites, and we are notified in writing before the start of the course.

Non-attendance without prior notification will be regarded as a withdrawal, and the entire Course fee will remain due. If a Learner fails to participate on the first or any subsequent day of a Course, we maintain the right to deny the Learner access to the class for the rest of the Course. In such situations, the Learner will be obligated to pay the complete Course fee.

We retain the right to cancel a Course at any point and will notify the Learner of such cancellation, providing alternate dates or a full refund of the paid fees. Our liability will be limited to the refund of any Course fees paid. We will not be liable for any other expenses incurred.

It falls under the Learner’s accountability to ensure they meet any given Course prerequisites. We will conduct the Course with due diligence and competence but accept no liability if the Course content fails to match the Learner’s expectations.

All intellectual property rights, including copyright, patents, design rights, and expertise relating to the course or course materials provided or made available in conjunction with the delivered course, remain our exclusive property or that of the designated copyright holder. Course materials cannot be duplicated, in whole or part, or provided to, displayed to, or utilized by a third party unless explicitly agreed upon in writing by the copyright holder beforehand.

This Contract is considered accepted by the Learner once we have received and acknowledged a booking.

We might disclose participant information to the partners listed for the course, but not to any other 3rd party.

Advance payment is mandatory for all course p
articipants. When settling through an invoice, the terms are net 7 days.

Liability Clause:
In the context of this contract, all guarantees, terms, stipulations, and representations, regardless of whether they are explicitly stated or implied by legislation, common law, custom, commercial practice, or any other means, comprising but not limited to any implicit terms, conditions, or warranties of acceptable quality, suitability for a specific use, or non-violation, are hereby renounced to the greatest extent allowable under law. We offer no assurance about the outcomes of any training programs. The ultimate collective liability, if at all, in relation to this agreement (whether arising from a contract, tort, warranty violation, third-party claims, or any other means), shall not surpass the fees paid by the student for the course that led to the claim. This clause will remain valid even after the termination of this agreement.

Legal Aspect:
If any disputes emerge from this agreement, attempts will be made to resolve them in a friendly manner. If a friendly resolution is not achievable, the disputes will be resolved under Omani law. In the event of disputes, the case will be settled pursuant to Omani law with the Muscat city court having the jurisdiction.

Client Satisfaction:
We value the satisfaction of our students with the quality of the courses we offer. Happy customers are crucial for our business's future. If you are ever dissatisfied with the services rendered, or if you have any suggestions for enhancement, we urge you to inform us and we will take necessary action. Please put these matters in writing.

Refund Policy

The payment is non-refundable if the student has access to an online course and covered more than 20% of the course or if the student has access to an online course for more than 15 classes. Refunds are processed only on medical emergencies incase if students are not in a physical condition to do the course or if the students are not able to attend practical's in any of our branches due to visa regulations or if Visa was rejected. Unattended classes will be under the discretion of the management if it can be continued on the next cohort for a limited time providing a valid reason such as; visa issue, valid medical condition.

EFA Academy Training:
Unless specifically stated otherwise, the course provider for all courses listed on this website is:

Phone# +968 9011 2122
Ghubra, Muscat Oman

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