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Runners Lunge


EFA is devoted to providing health and fitness professionals with the most current research and data, which is based on rigorous scientific evidence, in order to evaluate courses and procedures related to health and fitness. This is to help these specialists further their careers.


Every year, the EFA evaluates the proficiency of fitness professionals to guarantee safe and effective exercise programs. Additionally, they are dedicated to enhancing the industry with groundbreaking educational offerings that foster the growth of their professions.

Squat Workout
High Plank


EFA acts as a focal point for the region when it comes to assisting health and fitness experts with reliable, evidence-based, cutting-edge and effective materials to motivate individuals to embrace a healthy, active lifestyle.


EFA enables individuals all around the world to attain improved health and a higher quality of life, by connecting them to certified fitness professionals who assist them in transforming their aspirations into reality.

Woman with Workout Gloves
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